Resuscitation Training

The Advanced Nepalese Paediatric Life Suppot (ANPLS) course was initially run with limited equipment and staff in 2000.

In 2007 STCML in partnership with ALSG Liverpool provided formal training and quality control bringing the course to the same standard as the UK and Europe.

New paediatric mannequins, resuscitation consumables and defibrillators were provided to enhance learning.

In conjunction with this, all resuscitation consumables were replaced in the hospital and 6 defibrillators were provided to be used clinically.

Through 10 courses, 25 instructors and 250 staff were trained in recognition and management of serious illness, injury and cardiac arrest of paediatric patients.

Through this support, Kanti hospital has become self-sufficient and continued with this training, conducting two courses annually up to the start of the Pandemic.

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