Emergency Response/COVID


In 2020, STCML sent £8000 to enable Kanti Hospital to purchase much needed PPE to safeguard their staff during the pandemic.


In May 2021, we purchased six oxygen concentrators in Nepal to be used by COVID patients. This photo shows the concentrators being delivered. Nepal has been overwhelmed by COVID and cases are rising. 

2015 Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake in 2015, we sent emergency funding to Nepal via the charity Health Exchange Nepal (HExN) to provide shelter for those made homeless.


We donated £16,000 to Kanti Children’s Hospital for the purchase of a new anaesthetic machine as both of theirs were damaged in the earthquake.

Blood Bank

For several months during 2020, we donated £600 per month to enable the Blood Bank at Kanti to continue functioning.  The Director at Kanti said:

Regular blood transfusion service is an essential component of a tertiary hospital with a paediatric oncology unit but Kanti Hospital’s service was suffering from lack of it and thanks to coordination from So the Child May Live charity, UK, and support from Hawkland University Norway a blood bank was started since 2017. Six volunteers are working shifts around the clock with coordination from Tara Mahat, Kanti staff.

Due to Covid pandemic and its influence on economy the supporting NGO stopped paying for the blood bank. Volunteers receive 15000 NPR per month totalling 90,000 NPR for 6 members of staff (equivalent £600) and thus it is sustained because of generous help from you all.

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