Jagarnathpur Clinic

In 2005, STCML founded a clinic in the village of Jagarnathpur, in the south of Nepal, not too far from the Indian border, where there were no other nearby health facilities. We arranged basic medical training for two staff members in India.

Sadly, a few years later, the older staff member died, but Sujit Lal Kan carried on in the clinic for fourteen years. During this time, STCML funded his salary and that of Surendra Arya Upadhyay, the clinic manager, as well as providing medical supplies.

In addition, we supported the regular visits of a nurse, to help and advise women with their pregnancies, as well as monthly visits by doctors from a hospital about 40 miles away, to take up the cases needing more specialist help. Over the years, hundreds of local people, both from Jagarnathpur and from the surrounding villages, attended there for advice and treatment.

In 2013, we partnered with Poynton Rotary Club and Rotary Club International on a major project to completely rebuild the clinic and, in 2019, when the newly elected Nepalese government agreed to the setting up of clinics in some of the more isolated areas, STCML were delighted to be able to hand this building over to them. We thank Sujit and Surendra for all their hard work over the years.

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