Dr Paudel’s visit

STCML are happy to have co-sponsored (with our partners HExN), a four-week placement for Dr Sujan Paudel in orthopaedics at Alder Hey Hospital.

Dr Paudel is a qualified orthopaedic surgeon and attended Alder Hey in April and May 2023 to gain additional experience in the specialist area of children’s orthopaedic surgery. Dr Paudel said:

“With this clinical observership, I got opportunity to see many cases with cerebral palsy, developmental dysplasia of hip, traumatic and congenital deformities. I also observed the doctor patient interactions in the fracture clinics and speciality clinics. I am impressed with the respect given to each doctor by the patient and to patients by the doctors.

The range of instruments, imaging facilities, theatre design, choices of available implants and strict adherence to patient safety protocols by all members of the team was fascinating. Comparing with our practice in Nepal, we have lots of room for improvement.

I am very much thankful to HExN and STCML for supporting me in this journey and look forward to making changes in my own hospital, starting with introducing the WHO safety check list.”

On Thursday, 5 May, several of our Board members joined Dr Paudel and some members of HExN at a dinner at the Everest Kitchen, a Nepalese restaurant in Liverpool, to say goodbye to him before he returns to Nepal. Dr Paudel is extremely grateful for the support he has received and we know that what he has learned here will help enormously in the treatment of children in his country.

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